2017 HONDA CRF450R

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  • Condition Used
  • Year 2017
  • Make Honda
  • Model CRF450R
  • Category Snowmobile
  • Type Snowmobile
  • Mileage30
  • Primary Color REDWHITE
  • Price$11,990


                                              2017 HONDA CRF450R                                                               



Performance Features

  • Downdraft Fuel Injection: Part of an entire engine overhaul for 2017, the new downdraft intake tract and FI body help and increase both power and fuel-metering precision. It’s part of the reason the CRF450R offers such explosive power and massive torque, especially out of the starting gate and in the critical first 100 feet of the race to the first turn.
  • Dunlop MX3S Tires: Developed using Dunlop’s latest “block-on-block” design technology, the CRF450R’s new MX3S tires give excellent feedback and are a perfect complement to the CRF450R’s new frame and suspension.



Motor: SOHC 4-valve single


Bore x stroke: 96.0 x 62.1mm


Compression ratio: 13.5:1


Induction: PGM-FI w/ 46mm throttle body


Ignition: Transistorized


Starting: Kick (electric optional)


Transmission: Constant-mesh five-speed


Final drive: 520 chain

2017 HONDA CRF450R For Sale



Front suspension: Fully adjustable inverted 49mm Showa coil-spring/oil fork; 12.0 inches of travel


Rear suspension: Linkage-assisted fully adjustable Showa shock; 12.4 inches of travel


Front brake: 260mm disc


Rear brake: 240mm disc


Front tire: 80/100-21 Dunlop Geomax MX-3S


Rear tire: 120/80-19 Dunlop Geomax MX-3S




Wheelbase: 58.3 inches


Rake: 27° 22’


Trail: 4.6 inches


Seat height: 37.8 inches


Ground clearance: 12.9 inches


Fuel capacity: 1.6 gallons


Curb weight: 243 pounds


Color: Red

2017 Honda CRF450R Price: $TBA


Availability: October 2016


Is a 2017 CRF450R a good bike?
If you are coming off any CRF450R since they have been fuel injected, this CRF will impress you in the engine department. Honda has always been know for working very hard to make the power strong as possible but never letting that get in the way of the bike being rideable and smooth in delivery.
How much horsepower does a 2017 Honda CRF450R have?
Along with more aggressive cam lift and duration, this engine pumps out quite a bit more power. How much? According to the American Honda staff, the 2016 model produced 54.5 horsepower to the crank on their engine dyne, while the 2017 engine is putting out just about 60 horsepower on the same engine dyno.
What year crf450 is best?
Without a doubt, the best Honda CRF450s were the 2007 and 2008 models; however, you said that you already knew about that model. After 2008, Honda went through a fallow period of time that lasted eight years (2009–2016) with forgettable and flawed machines that we wouldn’t recommend.
Does a 2017 CRF450R have electric start?
The all-new motor still utilizes Honda’s Unicam valvetrain but has been completely reworked. It’s more compact, as well. Honda claims that intake efficiency is up 19% and exhaust efficiency is up 10%. The CRF450R gets electric starting but only as an option.
What year CRF450R has the most horsepower?2019From 2019 to 2021, the Honda CRF450R produced the highest peak horsepower numbers of all the standard-model 450 motocrossers.
How much oil does a 2017 CRF450R hold?
The engine uses a scavenge pump to distribute oil for both transmission and clutch, reducing friction, improving lubrication efficiency and reducing pumping losses. Oil capacity is 1250cc with one sump storing oil for engine, clutch and gearbox.
What year was the lightest CRF450R?
Introduced in 2002, Honda’s CRF450R was their first four-stroke MX bike, and it came out with a bang. It was the lightest bike in the class at 235 pounds without fuel – even 12 years later it was within a couple of pounds of the 2014 model.
How do you adjust the idle on a 2017 Honda CRF450R?
On the left side of the engine, behind the valve cover and tucked out of sight behind the frame, is a yellow plastic knob. When this yellow knob is pushed inward, it acts as an idle-adjustment screw. Turn it counterclockwise to speed up the idle and clockwise to slow the idle down.


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